Killer Flames and Skulls


...excellent to deal with. The artwork, service, performance, quality, and follow up is superb. The company is 100% honest and straight forward. I highly recommend them over and above any other companies who provide the same services.

Bill Waldron, Townsend, MT

Beyond my expectation once again! I love you man!! ...
Thank you for getting what's in my head onto my bike!


you painted my buddys bike, it is absolutley amazing the detail, you are one talented dude, everyone loves the skulls you did

Josh, Los Angeles, California, USA

Great work!!!!

John "bear" Barolak, Travis Air Force Base, CA

i had mick paint my tins this spring. he does some bad ass work. i have received many comments on how unique and great my job is. a++++ thanks mick

Brandon Holmes, Mineral Bluff

Thanks again for all the work you did for me on my bike! I'm totally lovin it! I had a few of my bro's over to the house today, and they all sat and marveled at the work! I really appreciate the way you worked with me throughout the entire process and i especially appreciate the way that you were wide open to my input the whole time, unlike a lot of "artists" tend to be!! You never let ego's interfere with the end result which was the best part!! I also appreciate all of your input, and i feel that your ideas were what really made the whole thing come together!!! Please feel free to use my name, number and email address as a reference at any time!! I can't wait to ride this bike, and i can't wait to send you some more business!! I only hope that you don't become too busy to do more stuff for ME!!! Thanks again Mick!! You are TRULY a Biker BRO!!!

dave (David Brandsen Construction, San Diego, CA)

Superb quality job on my MV agusta tank and fender, thanks again!

Steve, Torrance, California